Food Hygiene Rating 5 is Very Good

Why A Good Food Hygiene Rating Matters

The pandemic has sensitised people to hygiene matters of all types, and none matter more than when they are planning to sit for a couple of hours in a restaurant, get takeaway food, or buy from a food business. If you do not have a good food hygiene score, then people will not come to you.

100% of food businesses in England must, by law, be inspected and then rated by Environmental Health Practitioners from the local council. Ratings are published by the Food Standard Agency.

Over 50% of the public now use food hygiene ratings to help choose where to eat. These are shared on social media and have become a massive influence.

38% of people say that if even their favourite food outlet had scored a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 out of 5 (‘generally satisfactory’) or less they would stop visiting altogether. Attitudes to food hygiene are so strong that even customer loyalty cannot prevail against a poor Food Hygiene Rating.

44% of people will even turn away when they reach a food outlet they had planned to visit and try somewhere else, according to the same research.

Almost two thirds of people (61%) won’t visit a restaurant of any sort that had a Food Hygiene Rating of 2 or less.

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, The Food Safety Company can help you achieve good Food Hygiene Ratings so that customers keep coming through the door.