Christina Ratcliffe

Food Safety Consultant and Mentor

Christina - Director of The Food Safety Company
Christina – Director of The Food Safety Company

After leaving University I worked for a bakery company which is where my journey in Food Safety began: I went on a basic course where the trainer (an Environmental Health Officer) showed us an disturbing object which he had found in food, and told us various horror stories such as seeing rats in kitchens and about many other experience during his work. This is where the fascination began.

Not a glamorous career for a young girl, looking down drains and climbing down to dirty cellars, but it provided plenty of tales to fascinate people at dinner parties!

After a career change which resulted me spending 25 years as a government food inspector, I decided to hang up my badge and defect to the other side. Literally Game keeper tuned poacher or should I say head chef turned food critic?

I wanted to help businesses obtain a good rating and allow them to not feel terrified when the inspector calls at their premises

So I set up The Food Safety Company in 2015 and have successfully helped many businesses to obtain – and maintain – high food hygiene ratings. I have also enjoyed conducting accredited and bespoke training courses for clients, and creating bespoke food safety management systems for many businesses.

To date I have a 100% success rate with clients wishing to obtain a 5 rating (if they follow my advice!). This include all types of business; from small cafes to large, prestigious wedding venues

I would like to share this success with you.

On a personal note, I consider myself to be a foodie: I like talking about food; cooking it; eating it and more importantly sharing it with friends and family. People often ask if I think about anything other than food. My answer is “very rarely”!  I also like to visit food festivals and restaurants, trying to keep ahead of the current food trends and products, and I support Alice Charity Food Bank.

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